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Ambassador Program

Our ambassadors live our mission; they are the bread and butter of Spokane Mama.

Spokane Mama Ambassadors actively promote Spokane Mama's mission not only in everyday life but through hosting gatherings that bring moms together. It is through our Ambassador Program that we ensure all ages and phases of motherhood are being supported.


We seek moms that have a passion for connection and community. Is that you? Read on for further details.


What does an Ambassador do?


Plan and host monthly intimate gatherings or meet-ups.


Share our mission, events, or other opportunities and above all, help other moms find community.


Provide insight on how to best support moms of every age, phase, and demographic.


Report feedback to the board; what's working, what's not, where are we needing to grow?

Apply to be an Ambassador

Thank you for your application, we will contact you by email soon.

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