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The Team


Our board of directors includes Kym Bartlett, Erin Skoog, Victoria Carding Kelley, Kileigh Knott, Kristen Rataezyk and Dani Shields. As a working board, the operation of Spokane Mama would not happen without the hard work and dedication of these ladies. Each member brings a different skill set and different experiences to the table. Since assembling in the fall of 2018 we've been hard at work building, defining, and carrying out Spokane Mama's mission. Read on to learn about the role each member plays and why they're passionate about our mission.

Kym Bartlett - President
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Kym moved to Spokane from England in August 2021 with her American teacher husband and spirited 5-year-old daughter.


She is British-born and previously lived and worked in London for over 20 years as a theatre marketing and communications consultant launching hundreds of shows on an unsuspecting public.


Kym is now a professional Business & Career Coach for mid-career women and has her own online career change programme as well as one-to-one clients. As a self-confessed 'course junkie', she is an avid believer in life-long learning, always looking for new opportunities to grow, share and connect.


Kym is extremely proud to be the new President of Spokane Mama and hopes her energy and enthusiasm will help to bring joy to the lives of the mamas of Spokane!

Erin Skoog - Vice President

Hello! I am Erin, mother to two boys, and part owner of a roofing company with my husband, settling our roots north of Spokane. I originally come from the Midwest, from a small village of strong community bonds, and after giving birth to my first child, I knew I needed to find similar community here in Spokane for myself. The root of my passion lies in helping new parents, specifically those who do not have a strong familial support system, in the early stages of parenthood, helping new families find connection, community, and support; we all need help along the way.


I am so happy to be a part of Spokane Mama and hope to meet you!

Victoria Carding Kelley - Volunteers Lead

Originally from England, I moved to Spokane when I graduated from Eastern Washington University with my Masters in Social Work. After I had my daughter in 2018, I found myself emotionally struggling.  My main support system was out of state and I couldn’t believe how hard the adjustment was, I found felt lonely and anxious; I was lucky to find a mother’s workout group where I found solidarity. 

I credit them in helping me get through that time. Returning to Spokane in 2019,

I sought to find a similar connection, and I found Spokane Mama, believing so strongly in the importance of connecting mamas from all walks of life. My passion is finding ways to incorporate low-income and under served mamas. Despite our different paths, we are all on this journey together! I look forward to meeting you.

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Kileigh Knott - Marketing & Press Lead

Kileigh is the mother of three rambunctious children, wife of an ever-patient husband, and a lover of adventuring to new places. She is a graduate of Montana State University with a degree in Health and Human Development alongside completing both a Massage Therapy and Esthetics program. Kileigh has been involved in various roles in the spa industry over the last 13 years.   


She and her family recently relocated to Spokane, after blogging their way across the western United States and spending two years exploring the Olympic Peninsula.


Kileigh is thrilled to be part of Spokane Mama's mission of ending the isolation in motherhood. Having moved around many times in her life, she can relate all too well to the challenges moms have in connecting with other moms in an area.  She is ready to jump into this community and work towards uniting the moms of Spokane. 

Kristen Rataezyk - Treasurer

Hi, I’m Kristen! I’m a first-time mom to my amazing daughter Cecelia, wife to my wonderful husband Zach, and dog mom to our pups Rambo and Zeus. We moved to Spokane in 2016 but grew up in Moses Lake. I recently started working for a software solutions company as a Fair Lending Analyst, analyzing and conveying compliance data provided by clients, and I love it so far! Prior to this, I have over 7 years of experience in Retail Banking and Financial Services. 


I’m one of many who had a traumatic pregnancy and labor and suffered from PPA after my daughter was born. With our family not being local, I struggled to find an outlet for my anxiety. For a long time, I didn’t feel that I had a village. As a first-time mom, having a village truly can make all of the difference in the journey of motherhood. Throughout this journey, I’ve found such a strong passion for becoming the village for those in my life and being a support system for them as they navigate their new normal. Since my daughter’s been born, I’ve found a new voice of empowerment, empathy, and support for my fellow mamas. Being a part of an organization like Spokane Mama that holds such similar values is incredibly rewarding, and I can’t wait to make a difference in the lives of those in my community.

Dani Shields - Secretary

Hello! I am Dani, I have two little humans named Olivia (5) and Emmett (3). I love anything that involves being outdoors and Spokane, thankfully, has so much to offer when it comes to outdoor recreation. I also love reading, cooking, and baking.

I was born and raised in Spokane, went to Gonzaga Prep for high school and Eastern Washington University for college. I am a realtor here and absolutely love helping people find homes in a place that has brought me so much joy.


Being involved in Spokane Mama has been a goal of mine for quite a while. Even though I have lived in the Spokane community for my entire life, I still felt that loneliness that so many moms feel as they enter motherhood. Especially after covid, I wanted to reconnect with our community and rebuild my relationships with other moms in Spokane.


Shelby Thibodeau - Ambassador

My name is Shelby Thibodeau and I live down in Spangle with my husband, Sean, and baby girl Theotiste! I am a stay at home mom who loves long walks, party planning, acting, going to the beach, painting, and hanging out with my hubby. In November 2019, we decided to settle down in Spokane after traveling the country for a year and a half by car. One of the things that drew us to this area was the number of young people with families- we could see it was a wonderful place to raise kids! With 2020 came the pandemic, and since then it seems that making friends and finding support (especially once you’re a mom) is a near impossible task. I started a group in my neighborhood for parents and children to get to know each other- and then I found Spokane Mama! I can’t wait to share my passion for the arts, can do attitude, and outgoing spirit with the moms of Spokane!


Spokane Mama was first founded by local Spokane mom and Wisconsin native, Holly Hoagland. 

“During the first months of motherhood I found myself friend-less and without community. Becoming a mom sparked a new found strength within that finally gave me the courage to admit an insecurity I carried for years; it’s incredibly isolating and lonely finding friends. From day one I wanted Spokane Mama to spread awareness and normalize how common it is to be lacking meaningful friendships while also providing intentional opportunities for moms to find friendships and community. I believe we all sit at home yearning to find our people in life thinking we are alone in our struggles, I want Spokane Mama to give Spokane moms power, opportunity, strength and encouragement in that journey now and always.”  Holly 

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