Holly Hoagland - President & Founder

I'm Holly, the mom of two small boys, Russell and Luke. My husband Chris and I live in Northwest Spokane in the Shadle area. With a degree in Human Resources, I've previously worked as an HR Administrative Assistant and a Fulfillment Officer for STCU but currently, I stay at home with my boys and work hard to carry out Spokane Mama's mission. As someone who grew up in a small rural town in Wisconsin, I'm extremely passionate about connecting local moms to the community here in Spokane and that's where the mission of Spokane Mama began.

Cindy Hancock - Board Member

I'm Cindy, I have two boys Logan, Connor, and a beautiful stepdaughter Khirra (24). I work at STCU as Fulfillment Center Manager and I'm currently attending WGU earning my bachelor's. I have lived in Spokane most my life and love the being a part of connecting moms. There wasn't 'mom groups' or even social media when I had my first son and if it wasn't for my best friend, I would have been completely isolated since not many people my age had kids at the time. I hope Spokane Mama helps others find friendship and community.

Cassandra Tuttle - Board Member

I’m Cassandra, first time Mama to Eleanor.  My husband Max and I live in Northwest Spokane. With a degree in Public Service Administration from Whitworth School of Continuing Studies, I have nearly a decade of Non-profit leadership experience at several organizations in Spokane.  When I decided to put my career on hold to stay at home with my baby girl, I knew building a strong support network of other mamas would be imperative to my success.  I attended the Spokane Mama Expo a few months after my daughter was born, and I was hooked! I love helping further the mission of Spokane Mama, while building genuine connections myself and improving our community.  In my spare time my husband and I enjoy camping, hiking, gardening, brewing beer, karaoke, and working on my Etsy shop.

Tricia Sykes - Board Member

I’m Tricia,  a mama of three girls: Brynlynn, Tillie, and Evamae. I am also a birth mom to a son I placed for adoption 22 years ago. My husband Jordan and I live in the Garland District and have lived in Spokane for about 1.5 years, after moving here from Boise, ID where I lived my whole life. My husband and I started our own General Contracting business a little over a year ago that I help run and am the Interior Designer for. I am absolutely passionate about helping moms make connections and find support. I am hopeful that Spokane Mama will help mothers find relationships and form deep bonds where women can share their darkest mom secrets with because let’s face it, we all have them.

Jessica Berg - Vice President

I’m Jessica, mom to two wonderful girls, Hailee and Harper. My husband Josh and I were both born and raised here in our great city of Spokane; we currently live in the Valley area. I'm currently a stay at home mom and enjoy the work I do for Spokane Mama. I have a degree in Business Management and prior to Harper’s birth, I was the Office Manager for an Underwater Construction company. Spokane Mama has enabled me to find amazing mom friends that have been a huge support system for me. I am passionate about bringing resources to our entire group of moms, their families, and our community. I hope to continue to help keep Spokane Mama a safe/judgment-free zone and help facilitate more connections between mom’s that will bring them lifelong friendships and support in every stage of motherhood.

Laura Doering - Board Member

Victoria Carding Kelley- Board Member

Originally from England, I moved to Spokane in where I graduated from Eastern Washington University with my Masters in Social Work. After I had my daughter in 2018, I found myself emotionally struggling.  My main support system was out of state and I couldn’t believe how hard the adjustment was, I found felt lonely and anxious; I was lucky to find a mother’s workout group where I found solidarity.  I credit them in helping me get through that time. Returning to Spokane in 2019, I sought to find a similar connection, and I found Spokane Mama, believing so strongly in the importance of connecting mamas from all walks of life. My passion is finding ways to incorporate low-income and under served mamas. Despite our different paths, we are all on this journey together! I look forward to meeting you.

I'm Laura, I have one daughter Abby (6) who is my world.  I work from home for an insurance company and completed my Masters in Organizational Leadership last summer from Gonzaga.  I grew up in Spokane and moved back to raise a family and to be involved with a community.  This is my first year as board member and I hope Spokane Mama helps you find the community and resources needed for your mom journey.

Erin Skoog - Secretary

Hello! I am Erin, mother to two boys, and part owner of a roofing company with my husband, settling our roots north of Spokane. I originally come from the Midwest, from a small village of strong community bonds, and after giving birth to my first child, I knew I needed to find similar community here in Spokane for myself. The root of my passion lies in helping new parents, specifically those who do not have a strong familial support system, in the early stages of parenthood, helping new families find connection, community, and support; we all need help along the way. I am so happy to be apart of Spokane Mama and hope to meet you!

Keleigh Kreilkamp - Board Member

Julie Adams - Board Member

Hi I’m Keleigh, mama to two amazing little boys Cade and Emmett and wife to my wonderful husband, Joe. I spent much of my childhood visiting my dad in Spokane while living full time with my mom in the Seattle area (Ballard). I currently work part-time as a pediatric Speech Language Pathologist with the Spokane Public School District. Having summers off ensures that you can find my family camping, kayaking, hiking, and playing outdoors! I’ve struggled with Postpartum depression with both pregnancies and finding a way to connect with other mamas is what really helped me overcome the feeling of isolation. Spokane Mama is a unique organization in that it is focused on community, connection, friendship and acceptance regardless of what stage of motherhood you’re in. I’m so proud to represent Spokane Mama and I look forward to making many more connections with other mamas.

The Team


Board of Directors

Our board of directors includes Jessica Berg, Tricia Sykes, Holly Hoagland, Cindy Hancock, Cassandra Tuttle, Keleigh Kreilkamp, Laura Doering, Victoria Carding Kelley, Julie Adams, and Erin Skoog. As a working board, the operation of Spokane Mama would not happen without the hard work and dedication of these ladies. Each member brings a different skill set and different experiences to the table. Since assembling in the fall of 2018 we've been hard at work building, defining, and carrying out Spokane Mama's mission. Read on to learn about the role each member plays and why they're passionate about our mission.