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Spokane Mama Grants

The journey of motherhood is filled with joy, love, and challenges. In the midst of caring for others, it's essential for mamas to prioritize their own wellbeing. And this is so often forgotten...

Whether you're a single mom, a stay-at-home mom, or a working mom, our hope is that these grants for individual moms will nurturing your wellbeing, allowing you to flourish.

Funding Criteria

We provide small one-off grants to individuals who are Mamas of minor-aged children for the following:

1 / Wellbeing

These grants support your mental and physical health, and can be used for counseling, coaching, self-help books, fitness classes, and wellness workshops.  Please note grants are not available for rent, mortgage, groceries, car or utility bills.

2 / Professional Development

These grants help mamas acquire a new skill, advance your career or transition to  new field. They can be used to attend a workshop, class or program, or build a new resume.

3 / Social Connection

These grants enable mamas to attend and participate in social events which helps them 'build a village' of support.

Application Information

Who may apply?

Any woman, or person identifying as a woman,  who lives within Spokane County and is the primary caregiver of minor aged children - who without this support would either be unable to pay or likely not to participate due to cost.


Your application must directly relate to one of the three categories listed above. 

We can only provide grants for specific needs or items, so be sure to include this in your application, along with the name of the business the funds would go to.


We can not do personal payments of any kind - so no personal checks, paypal, bank account, venmo etc.

Please note that while we adore our kiddos, our grants are to support you, the Mama.

Tell me more...

There is a total grant amount of $350 available each month. Please only apply for the amount that you need for a specific activity or item.

Each month, the Board will allocate funds in the amounts applied for on the application form up to a sum total of $350. 

We will continue to offer grants while Spokane Mama has the ability to do so in our budget.

How will grant recipients be selected?
At each monthly
board meeting, the members will assess all applications and vote on a recipient, or number of recipients, up to a total sum of $350 for that month. 


We will base our decision only on the information placed in the application.


We will focus on helping mamas who can demonstrate the biggest need and benefit from receiving the grant.

Successful recipients will be contacted via phone or email. If we do not hear back from a recipient within one-week, then we will move on to another applicant.


Each individual can only be awarded one grant in total. If you are not successful, you may reapply.

How do I apply?
Simply complete and submit the application form below.

Each month, a new funding pool will open for applications on the 1st day of the month, and close on the 15th day of the month at 11.59pm.

Grant Application Form

Do you live in Spokane County?
Where does this fit into our three grant criteria?

Thank you! Your application has been submitted.

This form no longer accepts submissions. You may reapply next month if your application is not successful.

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